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기획 인앤아웃아트 구)조니워커 빌딩  "LIFE IS FUN"


About the Artist / Biography and Notes

 I am pop artist Jung King. Currently, I am working with color media, painting, and objects on the theme of “LIFE IS FUN.”


Work Notes—The Birth of Character X: “LIFE IS FUN”


  The X symbol has many meanings, including a sign of the existence of the artist—that one’s will should not be framed by the will of others. In addition, the X image is characterized as something (difficulties, domestication,

obstacles, competition, etc.) that is always present in daily life and is thus to be enjoyed, as opposed to something to be fought against. Character X is used to emphasize the application of visual objects and colors, so that it can express its message freely across the spectrum of pop art including video media. Works created in this way convey a message that life is enjoyable, so it is to be dealt with in a joyful way.

Today, people talk to each other constantly but are unable to truly communicate with each other,

leading to a great deal of confusion and abstruseness. In such circumstances, an individual wanders constantly and struggles to fit into the world’s framework  An individual’s inner self is planned and constructed like a gray city, rendering oneself framed into the existing structure of the world. In this highly restricted world, the characters, who unfold the imagination on our behalf, appear as heroes; or else we ourselves come to born again as heroes.

  Sometimes, deviating from all this makes resolving problems more fun. Working with a character makes the work visual, through which the alienated can deviate from their internal world and their burdensome gray space, thus recovering their true feeling of presence. Further, those who are dreaming of deviating from the world and whose places are taken by Character X come to muster their courage and thus to satirize the world. While restrictions and norms are visualized in a gray frame, internal and external sensibilities can transcend the space where people live, producing both a socially directed space and a visualized, fantasy space. Imagination is freedom. Character X says, “Why so serious? LIFE IS FUN!”

© 2016 by KINGS

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