X- World


About the Artist / Biography and Notes

  I am pop artist Jung King. Currently, I am working with color media, painting, and objects on the theme of “LIFE IS FUN.”


Work Notes—The Birth of Character X: “LIFE IS FUN”


  The X symbol has many meanings, including a sign of the existence of the artist—that one’s will should not be framed by the will of others. In addition, the X image is characterized as something (difficulties, domestication, obstacles, competition, etc.) that is always present in daily life and is thus to be enjoyed, as opposed to something to be fought against. Character X is used to emphasize the application of visual objects and colors, so that it can express its message freely across the spectrum of pop art including video media. Works created in this way convey a message that life is enjoyable, so it is to be dealt with in a joyful way.

Today, people talk to each other constantly but are unable to truly communicate with each other, leading to a great deal of confusion and abstruseness. In such circumstances, an individual wanders constantly and struggles to fit into the world’s framework.

An individual’s inner self is planned and constructed like a gray city, rendering oneself framed into the existing structure of the world. In this highly restricted world, the characters, who unfold the imagination on our behalf, appear as heroes; or else we ourselves come to born again as heroes.

  Sometimes, deviating from all this makes resolving problems more fun. Working with a character makes the work visual, through which the alienated can deviate from their internal world and their burdensome gray space, thus recovering their true feeling of presence. Further, those who are dreaming of deviating from the world and whose places are taken by Character X come to muster their courage and thus to satirize the world. While restrictions and norms are visualized in a gray frame, internal and external sensibilities can transcend the space where people live, producing both a socially directed space and a visualized, fantasy space. Imagination is freedom. Character X says, “Why so serious? LIFE IS FUN!”


Title: For Jackpot to Create Jackpot

Jung King, Pop Artist


Q, Please tell us about yourself and your exhibition.



Hello, my name is Jung King.

I am a pop artist who works with different objet, painting, and media, to work around the topic: “Life Is fun”. 

For this exhibition, I’m trying to communicate with people about rather difficult stories about the society and individuals through various characters.

If you take a look, some of them are colorful, while others are not. Each of them are different with different elements.

You know how music and poetry also have implications...

If you such messages, you’ll be able to understand what pop art is and communicate on many different levels. 



Q. Can you tell us about the topic of this exhibition?

I have subtopics under the big umbrella, ‘Life is fun’, and if you look at the paintings, you’ll see X marks.

Usually, the sign X conveys something negative: if could be personal complex or a stigma. Life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to work out.

But we should have fun in trying to resolve them, rather than trying to compete against them. X symbolizes having fun trying to solve the difficulties in our lives.

This time, I have something called the Jackpot Series.

By jackpot, I mean great luck and infinite potential that comes from within self rather than from the outside. Through Jackpot Series, I wanted to tell people to explode energy and possibilities.

If you observe this series, you will see jackpot in the middle of the character.

Jackpot symbolizes great luck and potential that lies within oneself. They don’t come from the outside world. People already have jackpots within, and they should ‘hit the jackpot’. 

I hope the audience will realize great jackpots within themselves as they view my work.



Q, Can you tells us about this work?

This work is the representative work for the Jackpot Series, and it’s called ‘Bounce in the Beginning’.

It may sound very alien, but it shows my interpretation of the Creation as described in the book of Genesis.

If you look, Adam and Eve are surfing, and here are the fruit and the serpent.

When humans are first created, our heart beats very rhythmically.

But as we live on, our lives become so standardized and regulated, we often forget to see how fun it can be. I wanted to challenge that with this work.

As these people evolve, they are already bouncing. And these jackpot families are getting ready to hit the jackpot.

If you view these media-connected works in a sequence, people are dancing in various ways, as they evolve from anthropoids to space travelers.

You can see them hitting the jackpot. And I hope my audience will bounce along together. Thank you.

캐릭터 x의 탄생
캐릭터 (character)란 소설이나 연극 따위에 등장하는 인물. 또는 작품 내용 속에서 드러나는 인물의 개성과 이미지를 뜻한다.
미숙한 자아가 어느덧 어른으로서의 세상과 대면했을 때
자의가 아닌 세상이 규정하고 있는 복잡한 역할은 한 개인의 세상의 충분한 성숙의 시간을 허락해주지 않았기에  내가 가진 시계와 사회의 시계의 오차 관계에서

일어나는 일방적 소통 방식에서
취할 수 있는 해결책은 어릴 적 꿈과 희망을 주던 동화나 애니메이션 속  주인공의 힘을 빌려 상상의 나래를 펼쳐온 것처럼 
현실에 나를 대체해 줄 캐릭터를 만드는 것이다.
소통의 부재가 오는 상호작용들은 수많은 혼선과 난해함으로 가득차고 그러한 상황 속에서 한 개인은 끊임없이 방황하며 세상의 틀에 맞추려 노력한다. 
한 개인의 꿈과 소통의 부재와 같은 갈등들은 수시로 사회라는

거대한 틀에 외면되고 있다.
개인의 내면은 더욱 회색 도시처럼 계획되고 구성되며 세상이 만들어낸 구조에 자신을 규격화시킨다. 이러한 제한된 세상 속에서 우린 어릴 적 나를 대신해서 상상의 나래를 펼쳐주던 캐릭터들이 히어로의 모습으로 나타나 때로는 일탈을, 때로는 문제 해결을 해나가는 것이다. 캐릭터를 내세운 작업의 행위들은 소외된 개인적인 내면과 버거운 회색 공간 속에서 존재감을 일깨우는 일탈을 시도하는 시각화하는 작업물이다. 
일탈을 꿈꾸는 자신은 캐릭터가 대신하면서 위트 속에서 세상을 풍자할 수 있는 무한한 용기를 가진다.  회색 틀 안에서 금기시된 제한들과 공식들이 시각화되어 있지만 
작품 안에서 내적, 외적 감성을 시각적인 상황만이 아닌 
사람들이 거주하는 공간 속 상황과 사회적 연출된 공간 그리고 환타지적 공간을 넘나들며 의미를 확장해 볼 수 있다.